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We are dedicated to providing high quality Speech & Language Therapy * services to schools and colleges for children and young adults coping with social, communication, and learning difficulties including Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and Down's Syndrome.

We can also provide Speech & Language therapy for children, young & middle aged adults usually in their own home.

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in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas

* Note:  Speech & Language Therapy used to be known simply as “Speech Therapy”, but the profession’s title was changed to reflect the wider communication therapy undertaken nowadays by a Speech & Language therapist, (formerly “Speech Therapist”), which includes work on written communication, sign language, body language, use of symbols, (eg WIDGIT), and social use of language.  The terms “Speech & Language therapy”, “Speech Therapy”, “Speech & Language therapist”, “Speech Therapist” all refer to the same clinical profession.  Speech & Language Therapy and Speech & Language Therapist are now professional titles registered and protected by the Health & Care Professions Council,