Speech and Language Therapy

Schools & Colleges

Most of our client institutions are colleges and schools catering for students with a diverse range of communication needs and abilities.  Some of these institutions embrace a particular faith, philosophy, or require a particular approach to the delivery of education and support.


We always work with teachers and staff in a way which is sympathetic and supportive to the ethos of the institution.


We also work with companies and other organisations HR departments who may have concerns about their own employees, to assess and carry out a period of therapy to help the employee develop their role in the workplace.

Private Clients

Private clients cover a wide age range, but with the majority between 7 to 25.  Their range of needs is diverse, with diagnoses from Moderate Learning Disorder (MLD) and Down's Syndrome to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) & Emotional Behaviour Disorder (EBD).  Many have diagnoses on the Autism Spectrum, while others may have an Auditory Processing Difficulty.

Who We Work With

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