Good Communication Speech & Language Therapy in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas

Our Services

We provide a fully supported and comprehensive Speech & Language service.

What We Provide to Client Institutions

- Qualified therapists

- Therapist’s supervision & training

- Internal forum for case reviews & sharing of best practice

- Therapy materials, teaching aids and equipment

- Tests, assessments, and licences

- Professional and academic support

- Staff training and guidance on all aspects of delivery of communication skills

- Specific advice on how to “embed” Communication Strategies and Skills throughout the client   organisation.

- Portfolio showing a summary of ongoing work available for submission to review bodies such as Ofsted

What We Provide for Students

- A calm, caring opportunity for developing communication skills

- Planned therapy sessions with selected teaching aids, therapeutic games and activities

- Appropriate augmentative communication tools, e.g. Signalong, PECS, WIDGIT symbols

- Individual therapy plan, with targets and strategies to meet them

- Individual assessment, re-assessment & exit reports.

- Advice on communication aids


The first hour with a new client is free, but thereafter our one hourly fee applies to all our work: the provision of assessments, reports, individual or group therapy, and staff training. Our fee funds the provision of the Speech & Language therapist, the therapist’s supervision & training, plus all therapy materials, teaching aids, equipment, assessments & tests, licences and professional indemnity insurance necessary for therapy.

Around 75% of our expenditure goes on staff related costs and training.  Regular acquisition of new materials and equipment account for a further 10% with the balance going on accreditation fees, subscriptions, insurances, and other administrative overheads.

Speech & Language Therapists