Good Communication Speech & Language Therapy in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas

What We Do

Speech and Language Therapy from Good Communication sets out to maximise fulfilment of every student’s learning potential and sense of inclusion. We do this by championing the provision of optimum communicative environments, providing appropriate therapy based on assessment of communication levels, together with dissemination of information & best practice advice to staff and other professionals via reports and carefully planned targets.

We work in a way which is monitored by and acceptable to the professional body for Speech & Language (the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists), the Health Professions Council, and the inspection bodies such as Ofsted.

Over the last thirty years we have built up effective strategies, good practices and innovative techniques to help our clients gain confidence with verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication and social interaction.

Our relationships with our clients are excellent, with few absentees, and many asking to return to our sessions after their allocated course is over. We work hard to build good relationships with other education and health professionals, and offer a number of lectures and workshops towards training staff about various aspects of  communication and communication difficulties.

Our Ofsted assessments have always been most complimentary.  Indeed we have been honoured to be invited to give lectures at the Ofsted annual conference on Speech & Language Therapy & Asperger's Syndrome.

Over the past few years we have given lectures at the University of West of England and Greenwich University working in collaboration with staff & students to deliver intensive courses to help our own students improve their communication skills in the crucial areas of employment and social dating.

We also devise therapy games & materials and publish books & e-zine articles. Some recent publications include "How Do I Make Friends?", "How Do I Make Choices?", How Do I Get A Job?", "How Do I Date?" and the practical guide for therapists based on the collated articles "Here's One I Made Earlier" published in "Speech & Language Therapy in Practice" & most recently, “Conversation Strategies”. (Available from Speechmark Publishing Ltd)

We aim to deliver a high quality and ethical service of which all involved can be justifiably proud.

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